A bottle of Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil with Organic Hemp Seed and Vitamin E
Human-grade, made in USA, vet-approved, THC/CBD-free, sustainably sourced Wild Alaskan Salmon with Hemp seed oil
Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil with Organic Hemp Seed and Vitamin E
Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil with Organic Hemp Seed and Vitamin E
Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil with Organic Hemp Seed and Vitamin E
Side shot of Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil with Organic Hemp Seed and Vitamin E
Side shot of Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil with Organic Hemp Seed and Vitamin E

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil with Organic Hemp Seed and Vitamin E

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  • Wild Caught Natural Alaskan Salmon
  • Upgraded with Organic Hemp & Vitamin E
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Natural Omega boost for your pup's healthy skin & coat, and other health benefits including joints, heart, and immune support.

Size: 16 Fluid Ounces

Reasons to love: Made with Wild-caught, Human-grade, and Sustainably Sourced Alaskan Salmon and Organic Hemp Seed Oil. Vitamin E Fortified.

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, Virgin Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Vitamin E

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
My boys love!

My boys love their salmon oil & so many benefits!💗

Chloe H
High Quality + Pup-Approved!

I recently added Wild Salmon Oil with Organic Hemp Seed Oil and it’s safe to say that my dog is obsessed.

Since we moved to a very dry climate, it's been challenging to keep my dog's coat and skin healthy. I'm eager to see how this helps my dog in the long term. Really impressed with the quality and my dog licks his bowl clean!

Erinn Burgess
Dogs love it

My senior dogs have been loving it! It adds a bit of excitement to dinner time. Easy to serve, just pump it directly onto the dog food. I was worried it might smell but it doesn’t :)

My pup loved it!

My dog can be a bit picky but she really enjoyed this salmon oil. It's a great way to make sure she is getting necessary nutrients and enjoying her meals too :)

Krystal Spooner
Love this salmon & hemp oil!!!

I am always searching for things that help with my dogs cost and skin since he has allergies and this salmon and hemp oil has helped improve his coat quality so much! I love all of the ingredients and feel great giving my fur baby this special treat on his food. He loves it. I love it. Win win! 10/10 recommend!

What It Does

Comfort All Day Without Itch

Skin & Coat Health: Combination of Omega 3-6-9 and other healthy fats in this formula helps relieve skin irritations, itching, dryness and restore shiny, soft coat.

Walk, Run, Play, Repeat

Joint Support: Anti-inflammatory properties of Omega-3 fatty acids help with stiff or aching joints and reduce joint pain from arthritis.

Strong Defense Game, On

Immune & Heart Support: EPA and DHA from salmon oil are essential fatty acids that support the immune system and protect against heart diseases for dogs. ALA from hemp seed oil, an essential precursor of EPA or DHA, strengthen this support.

Why It Works

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Our Alaskan salmon is wild-caught, human-grade, and sustainably sourced from pristine Alaskan waters for a completely pure & natural choice.

Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Rich in essential fats including Omega-6 and Omega-9–not found alone in salmon oil–makes this formula a powerful combination for a richer balance of stable Omega 3-6-9.

Enriched with Vitamin E

A powerful and essential antioxidant that fish oil naturally lacks. Vitamin E is added to protect the natural omega in the oil from oxidization.


Our Wild Alaskan Salmon with hemp oil is made with 100% Wild Alaskan Salmon!

It has a mild and fresh fish smell. Each bottle of salmon oil goes through the process of removing impurities and any gunk – making this formula potent and effective without a strong fish smell!

No! The organic hemp seed oil used in this product is free of CBD or THC (chemical components in hemp that have a relaxing effect).

Hemp seed oil is rich in Omega 3-6-9s which support strong, healthy skin & coat for dogs. It will help make your pups healthy, not high!

Add a few squirts to your dog's regular food! It works perfectly well for both fresh food and kibbles. Please refer to the feeding instructions on the label or section below to see how many pumps you should use.

Yes! it makes a nutritious and delicious food topper to help make food more enticing for dogs.

While it's generally safe to combine different types of dietary supplements for dogs, it is always best to consult with your veterinarian before giving your dog any supplements.

We recommend storing it in a refrigerator for maximum freshness.

We recommend using it within 6-8 months after opening when refrigerated.

Each 16 fl oz bottle contains approximately 100 pumps.

Some dogs might experience loose stools or diarrhea when they try fish oil for the first time or had too much.

We recommend gradually increasing your pup's daily dose of salmon oil until their tummy is adjusted. If symptoms don't improve or worsen, consult with your veterinarian before continuing.

How to use
Easy Serving for Every Size

Mix with meals by simply squirting on them. We recommend beginning with half the suggested amount and gradually increasing the amount.

our promise
Quality Matters (especially for our pups)

When it comes to what our dogs eat or use, we are often pickier than how we choose our own products.

AlwaysPups shares these pup parents' minds and takes the best practice to bring only high-quality products to your pup's life.

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