AlwaysPups All Natural Organic Paw Balm for Dogs - 2oz in a metal tin
AlwaysPups All Natural Organic Paw Balm for Dogs - 0.5oz in a twist-up tube
AlwaysPups All Natural Organic Paw Balm for Dogs - 0.5oz in a twist-up tube open and showing the content
AlwaysPups All Natural Organic Paw Balm for Dogs - 0.15oz in a lip balm tube
AlwaysPups All Natural Organic Paw Balm for Dogs - 1oz in a metal tin
AlwaysPups All Natural Organic Paw Balm for Dogs - back of the 2oz in a metal tin
AlwaysPups All Natural Organic Paw Balm for Dogs - 1oz in a metal tin open and showing the content - light yellow balm
AlwaysPups All Natural Organic Paw Balm for Dogs - group shot of each size
AlwaysPups All Natural Organic Paw Balm for Dogs - product demo on applying it on the dog&

Ultra Moisturizing All Natural & Organic Paw Balm for Dogs

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  • All-natural & Organic
  • Lick-safe formula
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Moisturize, soothe and protect your pup's dry cracked paws all year round with this lick-safe formula. Handmade with natural moisturizer blend including organic shea butter, coconut oil, lavender oil and rosehip oil.

Size: 0.15oz, 0.5oz, 1oz, 2oz

Reasons to love: Handmade in the USA in small batch, Non-greasy, Non-staining, Cruelty-free, Paraben-free, No artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives

organic olive oil, organic beeswax, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic palm oil, organic jojoba oil, organic lavender essential oil, organic rosehip oil, vitamin E, organic neem oil, organic rosemary extract

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Madison Rhodes
Smells and Works Great!

This paw balm is perfect for those hot summer days! My dog loves it and I feel a lot better about taking him on walks with this added layer of protection. Plus it smells great!

Ashley Garhart
Amazing product!

My corgi loves this paw balm! We have tried a few different paw balms before, but this one is definitely our favorite. His paws were instantly softer, and it smells super good. I also really like that this paw balm is lick-safe and organic. 10/10 would recommend!!

Lilly Cole
Paw balm

I have a 12 pound yorkie named Lilly and we love the paw balm. The paw balm insures that my dogs paws are never cracked and are always smooth. This is crucial as my dog goes on several walks a day. It is also great for the hot summer months when my dogs paws can get a little dry. Always Pups was supper nice to buy from as the product arrived at my house extra fast and was a great price. I totally recommend this company to everyone.

Kelsey Kozikowski
Ok— obsessed

I’m obsessed with this product. It’s literally good enough to use on human skin— I use rose-hip and lavender every single day on my own skin. I use this product on my bulldogs chin because it often gets dry and scabby. I use this to moisten it up and help to heal the affected area. I often use it on his paws to help them from getting so beat up and chapped! The thing I love the most— it’s lick proof. Bru will lick whatever I put on him- regardless of what it is. So knowing this is safe enough for him to lick is a huge plus!!!

Instant Dryness Relief, Powered by Nature

Made with 100% natural & organic moisturizer blend, this soothing formula helps relieve dry cracked paws and protect them from harsh surfaces like asphalt or rough terrains.

Great for pups who:

Have chapped, cracked, or peeling paw pads

• Keep licking their paws

• Walk on asphalt or hot pavement regularly

• Enjoy outdoor activities like hikes, camping, or beach

How to use
Rub & Be Done!

1) Gently dust off any excess dirt off your pup's paws.

2) Rub the balm on the paw pads using your fingers or directly from tube applications.

3) Let it dry for a bit and reward the pup with treats or petting for positive rewards!

Tips: the best time to apply is when they're laying down relaxing, or right before bedtime.

our promise
Quality Matters (especially for our pups)

When it comes to what our dogs eat or use, we are often pickier than how we choose our own products.

AlwaysPups shares these pup parents' minds and takes the best practice to bring only high-quality products to your pup's life.


Yes! AlwaysPups Paw Balm is 100% natural and lick-safe.

For best results, though, we recommend leaving the balm for 5-10mins unaffected after applying. This will ensure functional ingredients are thoroughly absorbed into paw pads.

Our paw balm is free of any artificial fragrances. It has a mild botanical herb smell, similar to Lavender!

It's a non-greasy formula and the texture of the balm is slightly firm and not too mushy or creamy (which means it will last longer than the super creamy type balm!).

It melts when you warm it in your fingers, and glides over paw pads smoothly if you apply from stick applications.

Note: For 1oz and 2oz tin, its surface layer might harden during transportation but it is normal. You can gently scrape it off with a clean cotton swab or butter knife and warm it in your fingers before applying.

Our paw balm is a gentle formula made with dog-safe and natural ingredients. However, just like humans, each dog reacts differently to natural ingredients so we encourage spot tests in a small area first. If any redness or irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult your vet.

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