Our Story

We are pup parents who believe our 12 years old, 80lb Argo is a lap dog and basically a 4 years old kid who never grows up.

No matter how old or big he is, he will always be our little pups!

This became the foundation of AlwaysPups mission – your pup's everyday nutrition and wellness products to forever feel like pups.

Our Promise

Our standard is simple. If it's not good enough to give to our own dog, we don't give it to others.

We take the best practice to create quality products that work.

Our products use high-quality ingredients, safe & effective formula, and are backed by 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our Mission

Our pups are our children, family and friends. Their health and well-being should be simple and easy to take care of, not a burden.

That's why we seek to create functional products that are effective for pups and easy for pup parents to use.

Join us on our mission to make all dogs always feel like happy little pups, no matter their true age!